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Best Category To Start Youtube Channel


Best Category To Start Youtube Channel & Earn Money


When you decide to start a YouTube channel the first question comes to your mind that which is the best category that you should start with which can generate more revenue for you. Here you will best category to start a YouTube channel

the competition higher the price for it and due to this your CPC rates can also differ but not much definitely in tech category it will be little higher but not much. Making money on YouTube by uploading video is not the only way to earn money. For any category, this is just a part of it.

Example. 1. Tech category there is a huge competition in this category , Technical category gets ads and sponsorship from companies like latest mobile phones, cameras and other gadgets, software, websites and paid reviews. Now our next category which generates more revenue

Example .2 Makeup tutorial channels can get lots and lots of sponsorship and earn money ,They get monthly subscription’s sponsorship, reviews of big brand’s makeup products, sponsorship This category has a huge competition but this category also restricted from viewer’s perspective the majority of the followers is female

Example .3 Web Series This category has recently got popularized in a vast level. In this category, channels get sponsorships from online shopping stores, different Apps and services etc

Example 4, Entairtainment , :- This category has a vast viewers range. Their videos are very entertaining and people love to watch such videos no matter which field , these are the three categories which can generate more revenue for you because in these categories you get opportunities to earn extra money apart from the ads displaying on your videos

Example Other Category Like Vines,Roast,funny,prank,gaming,healthcare,&Singing Channel . Doest not get more such as opportunities. beacouse in this category are not dsiplayu costly ads and not get any sponsership and like that ,

I would suggest don’t think about which  Tech category can generate more revenue for you while starting a channel, you will definitely find your way out to earn more money so don’t worry about that just start and give it your best.


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