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Best Tips To Increase Battery Life


Best Tips To Increase Battery Life

Smartphone maker companies are launching handsets with high capacity batteries\. Despite this, the mobile does not last long. That is why we are going to tell you some common tips that will help to increase the battery life of the phone so here is the best tips to increase battery life

.Following these tips will increase battery life of the phone:

the phone:

1. If you drive a car, keep your phone always away from the car dashboard. Also, save the phone from sunlight or heat. This is because lithium-ion batteries damage the heat.

2. While using the phone it should be kept in mind that the phone’s battery is never too full. When 10 or 20 percent of the battery is in the phone, put it on charging.

3. Many users are confused that the phone should charge up to 100 percent. However, it is not like that. It is not always necessary to charge the phone 100 percent.

4. Many users do not remove the charger plug even after the phone is fully charged. This can prove harmful to the phone. Not only that, the phone should not be kept on charging overnight.

5. Ringtones consumes more of the battery in vibration and high volume. In such a way, keep the vibrations off and keep the ring tone volume too low.

6. If you feel that all battery savers are good for app phones, then this is your misconception. Every battery saver app is not good for the phone. It can damage the phone’s battery.

7. If the phone has low battery, turn off the phone’s background app and Wi-Fi. Using apps on low battery makes the battery more consumable.

These Tips are Very Good For increase battery life in smartphone please Apply And See result and please share your feedback after Apply.


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